Lunch Time Talks in Singapore

Corporate Lunchtime Talks in Singapore

Lunchtime talks in Singapore Title:

Memory Mastery in 60 Minutes; Reach Your Peak Memory Potential & Minimise Forgetfulness Today!

Lunch & Learn Talk in Singapore Outline:

  1. The true art of memory is attention. Tips to Improve focus and concentration to improve memory.
  1. Prevent yourself from forgetting to carry out tasks at work or home.
  1. Simple strategies to help you remember where you placed your daily objects.
  1. Remember the names of people that you meet daily.
  1. Effective ways to memorise digits, numbers and dates.
  1. Simple ways to memorise lists, steps & checklists.
  1. How to memorise key information for a meeting.
  1. Our local diet is progressively worsening our memory, and the secret diet of people with good memory.
  1. Daily 2-minute brain exercise you can do to drastically improve your memory.
  1. How to minimize the risk of memory deterioration as you age.
  1. 5 examples of normal memory problems vs serious memory problems. When should you seek help?

How Long Is This Lunch Talk?

60-90 Minutes

Where Is This Corporate Lunchtime Talk Conducted?

Our lunch talks are normally conducted at our client’s premises. However we can also conduct our lunch talks outside the client’s premises, anywhere in Singapore!

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