Geography Tuition For Secondary School Students

Geography Tuition For Secondary School Students in Singapore


  • Geography is a highly memory intensive subject. This tuition is for students that have probelm coping with Geography due to such issues (Memory).


  • We use mnemonic techniques such as The Roman Room Method, The N-Shaped Method, The Journey Method, The VL Memory Technique, The Link-Story Method and more.



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Individuals of any age can encounter issues with their transient memory. As individuals age, it might wind up noticeably harder to recollect new things, and the mind can feel less sharp. In the present quick paced world, it is essential to have the capacity to stay aware of changes to innovation and how the world functions. By finding methods for enhancing your memory, you can enable your cerebrum to work taking care of business and have a less demanding time learning and recollecting new things.

Numerous things can add to memory misfortune. Things like smoking, drinking over the top liquor and unlawful medication utilize would all be able to rapidly harm here and now memory inside the cerebrum. Being excessively pushed or not getting enough rest additionally add to here and now memory misfortune. Eating a horrible eating routine can contrarily influence the whole body, including the cerebrum and memory. Fortunately, there are numerous memory change tips that can be utilized to enhance the mind and improve your memory, these are the main 4 that are anything but difficult to take after and can help you in numerous different ranges of life as well!

1. Practicing: Keep The Brain Sharp

There are many traps for recalling new data. By frequently difficult your mind to think contrastingly and stay fortified, you stay all the more sharp rationally and have a less demanding time holding new data. Some of these methods are routinely utilized by understudies to learn new material, yet they can be utilized by individuals of any age to recollect any new thought.

Try not to attempt to pick up everything without a moment’s delay. Give yourself an opportunity to ingest new subjects bit by bit with the goal that your mind does not move toward becoming overpowered. Understudies frequently pack for a test to remember everything the prior night. Unfortunately,this for the most part prompts overlooking the new data when the test is taken. By setting aside the opportunity to really see new points and learn them at your own particular pace, you will have a significantly higher shot of really holding them for all time.

Concentrate on what you are realizing. In the event that you are endeavoring to learn new things in a territory with a considerable measure of diversions, you in all likelihood won’t recall that anything you learn. Endeavor to think about or learn in a tranquil situation far from other individuals and diversions. Music, other individuals’ discussions, TV or other boisterous clamors can genuinely influence your capacity to hold what you realize.

Utilizing mental aides is an extremely successful memory supporter. Mental aides take new data and relate them to something that is simple for you to recollect. A few people utilize rhymes, pictures, melodies or coordinating first letters to help recollect new data by utilizing mental helpers.

Show another person what you have realized. This guarantees you really fathom the topic and helps make it lasting in your memory.

Play cerebrum diversions; there are a lot of free locales internet offering an assortment of amusements to challenge your mind and keep abilities sharp. ‘Mind amusements’ is only one of the destinations you can visit for a couple of minutes consistently and continue practicing your memory.


There are numerous things in every day life that can hurt the body’s wellbeing. A body that is undesirable won’t work getting it done, and the cerebrum will probably endure. By finding a way to make yourself more advantageous, you will find that you can Improve here and now memory.

Chart of solid lifeGet enough rest. A standout amongst the most harming things to your mind and memory is lack of sleep. Being all around rested is significant for legitimately learning and recollecting new things. Truth be told, some exploration has demonstrated that it is less demanding to learn and hold new data in the event that you sleep directly after you learn it.

Exercise routinely. Practicing keeps a few infections and issues inside the body that can prompt lasting memory misfortune. It additionally makes the blood in your body stream quicker and builds the oxygen in your blood. This extraordinarily benefits your mind, as it blossoms with blood and oxygen.

De-stretch your life. Stress and sorrow are real reasons for here and now memory issues. Exercise can help with this, and a few people find that contemplation or yoga help them monstrously. By setting aside the opportunity to unwind, it will be significantly less demanding for you to learn, center, recollect things and think.


In the event that the body is not provided with the correct supplements, it can’t work appropriately. This can hurt the mind and keep it from the things it needs to work legitimately. By setting aside the opportunity to bolster yourself and your cerebrum effectively, you will profit by a vastly improved memory. Also, your body all in all will move forward. Research has discovered that soaked fat or elevated amounts of fructose in our eating routine can adversely influence our capacity to hold data. An awful eating routine can likewise diminish the levels of an imperative synthetic called DHA, which assumes a key part in our capacity to frame recollections.

Eat more sustenance that contain omega-3. These unsaturated fats are particularly valuable for making the mind more sound. Eating fish is a particularly decent approach to expend omega-3 acids, yet there are likewise a great deal in flaxseed, a few beans, walnuts and verdant greens.

Eat less soaked fat. Numerous sustenances are high in immersed fat. These can prompt issues with memory and fixation. They can even in the end prompt dementia. Sustenances high in immersed fat incorporate every day proucts and red meat, among others.

Vegetables and organic products are stacked with antioxidents which can decrease cell harm inside your body. This is a great approach to enhance your mind and shield it from harm.

For more data on how eating routine can influence emotional wellness take a gander at Rob Hoskin’s article here.


In the event that you battle to discover the time expected to design out and set up a supplement rich adjusted eating routine, supplements can be a compelling answer for guarantee your mind gets what it needs to enhance your memory.

A few people have discovered that ginkgo biloba supplements are amazing memory enhancers. It can work by expanding blood stream inside the body.

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